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Do I need permission to bury someone else in a non-family member's grave, plot, or mausoleum?

  • Yes permission is needed; all members who are giving permission must sign a notarized document allowing that non-family member to be buried.

  • Same applies for family members wanting to bury someone in a family member grave/plot or mausoleums.

Can an Urn be placed outside a grave?

  • An Urn can be placed at the foot of a grave; a cement covering must be placed over the buried urn.

  • An Urn can be placed in a headstone and mounted on top of a grave.

  • An Urn can be placed inside of Mausoleum or a Vault/Tomb.

Can a tomb be placed on top or stacked on each other?

  • No, that is no longer allowed per rules and regulations of the LA cemetery board.

Can non-Catholics be buried in our cemetery?

  • Yes.

Can a tree or flowers be planted near a grave site?

  • No.

Do I have to be a member to have a funeral at St. Edward Catholic Church?

  • No, we will allow a non-member to celebrate the services in the Church.

Are fees charged for the use of the Cemetery?

  • There is an up-front cost if you do not own a plot or mausoleum.

  • There is a yearly fee for plot/graves, no fees are assessed on a mausoleum.

  • If someone dies and wants to be buried in an existing plot/grave, all past due fees must be paid before the burial takes place.

How can I locate my loved one in the cemetery?

  • You can call or come to the Office and we will assist you with finding your loved one.

Can the tomb/grave site be painted?

  • You may paint the tomb/grave either WHITE or GRAY. No other color is allowed.


  1. All Vault Companies and any other contractor or business entity must report to the Church office before working in the cemetery.

  2. Family members may go into the cemetery at will to paint graves.

  3. The main gate on Dale Street and the small gate on Walton Street are always open for entry into the cemetery.

  4. Family members should make an appointment to bury a loved one.

  5. Yearly upkeep fees can be made during regular office hours, by mail, or over the phone via credit card.

Cemetery Updates

  • The St. Jude Cemetery (LaSalle Street) is currently for sale. If interested please give the office a call (the property can be subdivided).

  • The construction of the St. Katharine Drexel Cemetery is underway.

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